Michelle Liner – TRAC
PHONE: 985-851-2952

Through the partnerships of Terrebonne & Lafourche Recovery Coalition we will help our neighbors repair & rebuild their homes damaged by hurricanes and other disasters.

Most of the lower lying coastal communities in Terrebonne and Lafourche Parishes were inundated with flood waters following the 2005 and 2008 Hurricane seasons. TRAC along with volunteers from across the county worked diligently in gutting and repairing individual homes throughout these communities. In addition to homes being repaired, a large percent of these homes have been elevated through various mitigation funded projects. Unfortunately, there are still hundreds of families located within these communities that for several reasons were unable to elevate their homes and remain in the destructive path of flood waters.

TRAC will match volunteer groups to individual projects according to available skills. Groups with specialized skills such as electrical, plumbing, roofing, flooring, framing, siding, or any other specific construction skills are urgently needed. Please specify if someone is licensed in any of these fields. TRAC will provide a field inspector and work site coordinator; however groups are urged to have at least two leaders that can take charge and manage a work site with given instruction.

To rebuild our bayou communities to survive the future physically, economically, mentally, spiritually and culturally through the unlimited possibilities of partnership.

TRAC has partnered with God’s House of Refuge in the bayou area of Chauvin. It is located at 4934 Bayouside Dr., Chauvin LA 70344. Housing capacity is 60 individuals with bunk dormitory style accommodations in the Church’s Fellowship Hall. The facility offers a full kitchen, dining & meeting area, men’s & women’s bath facilities, some recreational activities. Enjoy bayou side scenery and Cajun cuisine nearby. There is a housing cost of $12/person/night to cover utility maintenance and general upkeep. Groups are responsible for their own meal and activity planning.

OPTION 2: TRAC has partnered with Bayou Blue Presbyterian Church USA. It is located at 3200 Bayou Blue Rd. or (HWY 316) Gray, LA 70359. This congregation will host smaller groups of church members in their homes. Meals are provided by the church members. The church will host a Wednesday dinner with some coastal land-loss education. This is available for Presbyterian USA Church Congregations or those that have had a relationship with the Bayou Blue Presbyterian Church.

Groups are responsible for their own transportation. This includes to and from work sites daily.

There are no fees payable to TRAC, however TRAC does accept donations on behalf of the families being helped.

Because of the major reconstruction and rebuild of homes the minimum age allowed is 18 years old.

All persons must be covered under an individual or group policy. Copies must be on file with TRAC office.