Jennifer Cottano, of Greenwell Springs, wrote in about Marshal “Big Hog” Hoglund, of Greenwell Springs.

“I am writing this story on behalf of my grandmother, Betty Jean Cottano. At about 8 a.m. on Saturday, Aug. 13, my grandmother was woken up by a friend knocking on her door. One of her neighbors had come to get her because her home was starting to flood. He took her to his home in Evergreen Hills, and while she was there, the home began to take on water.

“My boyfriend, Marshal “Big Hog” Hoglund, had been out since 7 a.m. rescuing people (my mom, sister, niece, nephew and his ex-wife included) out of Central Estates trailer park. He finally made it home to get myself and our kids. We loaded up and went to my cousin’s home, as our house was starting to flood and her home was not.

“Once we got there, I asked him to please go and get our Granny because she was afraid, and the house she was in was taking on water. He left to go get her. It took him nearly four hours to get her and get her home.

“He got a boat and tied it around his wrist with a piece of string, and swam the boat two miles to the house she was in and got her. He then swam the boat back another two miles with my Granny, her friend and her friend’s three dogs.

“Once he got back with my Granny, he went back out in the dark to go and get my aunt and my uncle who had been evacuated from their home and shuffled from one shelter to another.

“Not only did he spend all day Saturday rescuing all of my family, he rescued many strangers and went out again on Sunday and rescued more people.

“His new nickname in our house is Big Hero 6. He risked his life to save me, my mom, my sister, my niece, my nephew, my grandmother, my aunt, my uncle and countless strangers.

“I’m not sure what my family would have done without him during this flood.”