TRAC has functioned as the premier disaster case management organization for the Coastal Parishes of Southeast Louisiana for the past 24 years.

Experienced, knowledgeable, and skilled Case Managers utilize an innovative, comprehensive case management model. Case Managers conduct extensive, in-depth assessments in order to respond appropriately, effectively, efficiently, and holistically to the needs of their clients; this model allows for ongoing assessment and continuous need identification, thereby responding proactively to the evolving needs of clients. TRAC’s case management program also maximizes service utilization and reduces service duplication. TRAC Case Managers are highly skilled in goal development and long-term recovery and engage in a time-limited partnership with clients to develop, implement, and achieve recovery plans.

TRAC’s case management model contributes to the achievement of its organizational mission by: providing assistance to rebuild following a crisis/disaster; implementing recovery plans; helping clients navigate the recovery process; strengthening planning efforts; enhancing preparation for future crises/disasters; and, empowering people to engage in community organization activities. As noted, TRAC approaches case management comprehensively and holistically, recognizing that the recovery process impacts each client uniquely. Always respectful of client self-determination and self-direction, Case Managers truly partner with their clients to achieve the objectives of recovery plans; Case Managers do so through the provision of advocacy, application assistance, education, emergency assistance, facilitation, information, outreach, vetted referrals, resource development/management, service coordination, social services, and supportive services.

Keenly attuned to the needs of the community, TRAC recognizes the importance and necessity of serving the most vulnerable clients with complex, unique challenges. TRAC Staff possess a heightened awareness and sensitive understanding of the culture, needs, and challenges of the communities they serve, thereby fostering a sense of trust and familiarity among community members, which not only encourages the utilization of needed services, but also allows for grassroots outreach efforts, a necessity for service provision to vulnerable populations, such as those living in bayou areas who may be difficult-to-reach, isolated, underserved, and often have the greatest level of need.

TRAC’s all-inclusive, holistic, multi-faceted outreach strategies focus on accessibility, consistency, service-readiness, repetition, and visibility. In addition, acknowledging those clients with technology limitations, the emotional state of the psychologically distraught, those with learning challenges, and varied learning styles, a wide variety of outreach materials are utilized in order to address these factors. Therefore, it is without question that TRAC possesses the capacity and expertise to engage in successful community outreach and client engagement.

In accepting the reality of living in a coastal area, the question is not IF this community will face another disaster, but rather, WHEN the next disaster will strike. As such, responding effectively to disaster relief/ preparedness is a complex issue; therefore, TRAC collaborates with numerous partners to maximize the success of its clients, programs, and services and to further its commitment to long-term recovery, sustainability, and community-building. A founding member organization, TRAC functions as the facilitator for BARR -Bayou Region VOAD. TRAC also serves as co-chair and facilitator for the South Louisiana Long-Term Recovery Committee (SOLA-LTRC).

As noted, experienced, knowledgeable, and skilled Case Managers provide clients with advocacy, recovery/mitigation education, emergency assistance, information, outreach, vetted referrals, resource management, service coordination, and social services. All TRAC Case Managers are extremely knowledgeable regarding resource identification, development, and management.

Disaster Case Management Professionals must be versed in the multitude of programs/services available to successfully advocate for their clients. In order to achieve the best possible outcomes for all of our clients we have implemented staff-based consultation, allowing Case Managers who possess specific areas of expertise, to internally provide their expertise to all TRAC clients.

TRAC Staff are attuned to the needs of the community it serves and recognize the importance and necessity of serving the most vulnerable clients with unique challenges, such as the difficult-to-reach, disabled, elderly, ethnic minorities, illiterate/literacy-challenged, limited English proficiency/non-English speaking, low educational levels, low-income, noncompliant, single parent households, under-insured/uninsured, and underserved, as well as other clients with special needs. TRAC’s limited English proficiency/non-English speaking clients have spoken Cajun French, Spanish, or Vietnamese. TRAC has bilingual Case Managers on staff who speaks Spanish, Cajun French and Vietnamese.