THE BIGGER THE TOOLBOX THE BETTER THE RECOVERY……… Every disaster is unique. Determining the needs will define the resources to pursue.  PARTNERSHIPS,  DISASTER CASE MANAGEMENT PROFESSIONALS and STEWARDSHIP are critical in determining the need and essential to every successful recovery operation.

BARR is a coalition of voluntarily participating agencies contributing autonomously to the recovery and preparedness of Terrebonne and Lafourche Parishes and the City of Grand Isle (Jefferson Parish). Our mission is to foster more effective service to people affected by disasters throughout Region VI. BARR will support and facilitate the delivery of services by their members. BARR will not deliver response or recovery services itself. BARR is the Regional VOAD of Louisiana Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters.

Our core group has worked together since Hurricane Andrew.  It is a blessing.  We believe in “the bigger the toolbox the better the recovery” and have witnessed those impacted by every disaster benefit from our collaboration.  We all share in the success; all are better stewards of our resources.

TRAC approaches case management comprehensively and holistically, recognizing that the recovery process impacts each client uniquely. Case Managers conduct extensive, in-depth assessments in order to respond appropriately, effectively, efficiently, and holistically to the needs of their clients; this model allows for ongoing assessment and continuous need identification, thereby responding proactively to the evolving needs of clients, while simultaneously reducing service duplication and maximizing service utilization.

Our Disaster Case Managers do so through the provision of advocacy, application assistance, education, emergency assistance, facilitation, information, outreach, vetted referrals, resource development/management, service coordination, social services, and supportive services.
Our Disaster Case Management Professionals must be versed in the multitude of programs/services available to successfully advocate for their clients. In order to achieve the best possible outcomes for all of our clients we have implemented staff-based consultation, allowing Case Managers who possess specific areas of expertise, to internally provide their expertise to all TRAC clients.

Serving as a model of ethical and accountable conduct in non-profit leadership/management, TRAC clients, staff, and supporters are assured that its internal/external practices are based on the values of accountability, fairness, honesty, integrity, respect, responsibility, and trust.  TRAC is regarded as an effective, responsible steward of financial support with an impeccable reputation within the community.  With 24 years of successful grant administration performance, TRAC has exceptional recordkeeping practices, with experience in and the capacity for maintaining federal, local, private, and state funding recordkeeping requirements.  TRAC has an exceptional infrastructure to more than adequately meet the demands in terms of fiscal management, grant administration, projected timeline, program implementation, recordkeeping, and service provision.