Prioritize communities most at risk, in particular low-income residents living in areas with 14ft or above Base Flood Elevation.

CPRA should flip prioritization to focus on those who are most at risk and low-income residents. Further, it should provide incentives for community-level approaches to elevation, flood-proofing, and relocation. The state should leverage its financial resources for developing community-wide approaches, encouraging neighbors to take action together to preserve the character and function of coastal neighborhoods as they take steps to improve collective resiliency. In particular, low-income residents living in areas with 14ft BFE or above and those who make their livelihood in the Gulf are the most at risk from coastal land loss. They need to know their options, as well as what the state is planning to do to help them beyond marking their communities as voluntary acquisition or a “resettlement zone”.

Our rural communities deserve to be prioritized for assistance based on their risk, not how many of their neighbors have been forced to leave due to past flooding or population changes. Economic value of a residential community’s assets over time should not be based on population growth. Attachment C3-25: Storm Surge and Risk Assessment of the 2017 Draft Coastal Master Plan assumes that a home is more valuable over time if the surrounding population grows faster.
This assumption about value is unsupported. CPRA also specifically looks at population change between 1950-2000. However, according to the U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigation about Land area change in coastal Louisiana from 1932 to 2010, low-lying coastal areas have been experiencing the impact of land loss since before 1950. The land loss is why people are moving away. This assumption about value over time based on population growth diminishes the prioritization and value of Louisiana’s low-lying residential communities that have been historically threatened by coastal erosion.

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