Treat public input as a formal public comment, specifically citizens’ scientific knowledge and Traditional Ecological Knowledge.

The Draft Master Plan does not include communities’ knowledge or needs. Coastal residents’ and entrepreneurs’ comments and suggestions must be properly considered and incorporated in the Louisiana Coastal Master Plan and subsequent annual plans. CPRA needs to formally respond to communities’ questions about how their suggestions offered during public meetings and formal comment periods were used, including if and why they were or were not incorporated.

The CPRA should develop a community engagement framework to inform coastal communities about their five-year plan prior to each revision. This framework needs to be written down and included in the plan so the Authority can be held accountable by the coastal communities it serves. The CPRA must present their project outline and impacts with ample time to receive feedback. This feedback should be publicly addressed by the CPRA at community forums where residents, fishermen and other coastal entrepreneurs can educate the state using their generational, cultural, and ecological knowledge; citizens’ science must be taken as seriously as other forms of scientific knowledge.

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