Accompany restoration and structural projects, in the 2012 and 2017 Master Plan, with nonstructural mitigation measures.

Large-scale structural projects proposed in the 2017 Master Plan could significantly impact the livelihoods of commercial fishermen and other coastal business owners. The potential effects of several projects are currently unknown; establishing a clear understanding of how communities will be affected and to what degree is imperative, as are outreach efforts that share this knowledge with community members and leaders. With this knowledge, these structural projects must be accompanied by clearly defined non structural mitigation measures to protect our communities. Our communities support a Multiple Lines of Defense approach to protecting our coast. However, we cannot ignore the impacts of these projects on low-income residents and those who are most at risk; CPRA should not, either.

Grand Bayou, Braithwaite, and Phoenix/Pointe A La Hache should be considered prerequisites for structural project(s). Attachment E3 of the 2017 Draft Coastal Master Plan incorrectly states that none of these areas are experiencing induced flooding caused by a structural project.

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