For every 80 cents of the budget allocated or spent on restoration and structural projects in the FY 2018 Annual Plan, 20 cents must be allocated or spent on a non-structural project.

Structural and non structural spending should be proportional throughout the planning, prioritizing, and implementation process. For nonstructural spending, the 2017 Draft Coastal Master Plan allocates $6.1 billion, or 12.2 percent of the overall $50billion budget. This is a 8 percent decrease from the 2012 Coastal Master Plan. The 2012 Coastal Master Plan – Distribution of Funding by Project Type, had set the amount at $10.2 billion, or 20.4 percent of the overall $50billion budget. The percentage of spending for nonstructural should be set at 20% of whatever amount gets allocated ($200 million per year).

In order to raise a portion of the funds needed for nonstructural projects, CPRA should pass a resolution dedicating a portion of annual offshore energy revenues coming to Louisiana under the Gulf of Mexico Energy Security Act (GOMESA) for funding nonstructural flood protection strategies and entrepreneurial support strategies.

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