BATON ROUGE – Today, Governor John Bel Edwards released a statement asking Louisiana’s congressional delegation and neighboring Gulf Producing States to oppose President Trumps’ budget proposal, which calls for the elimination of GOMESA state payments.  “I am asking the Louisiana congressional delegation and neighboring Gulf Producing States to oppose this plan and adopt a responsible budget that doesn’t unfairly turn a blind eye to our region,” stated Edwards.

Edwards went on to say, “This proposal sets us back decades, threatens our way of life and could have devastating economic effects across the entire country. To put it simply, this budget proposal is negligent. The resources which must travel through the infrastructure networks in Louisiana require an ongoing federal funding commitment in order to maintain the environments and communities which make that possible. Ignoring the significance of Louisiana’s coast, its assets and its impact to this country is short sighted, and turns its back on the people of the Gulf Coast and consequently, our nation’s citizens who depend on energy resources found off the coast of our state.”

In recent years, Louisiana and the Outer Continental Shelf waters just off its shore have been the second largest producer of crude oil and the second largest producer of natural gas in the nation.  “For decades, the Louisiana congressional delegation – Republicans and Democrats – have fought to secure dedicated funding to offset the effects of oil and gas leasing and production along our coast. Permanent sharing of federal revenues is critical to ensure Louisiana’s coast remains fully operational, protects vital national infrastructure and provides the necessary barriers to protect our working coast and citizens,” stated Edwards.

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