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Storm Safe LA
Disaster Preparedness & Recovery Education Program

Storm Safe LA is a multi-faceted holistic approach to disaster preparedness for the people (every citizen, every demographic) of Louisiana. TRAC’s programs are designed to meet the specific risks and demographic needs of each Louisiana parish.  All parish campaigns are launched simultaneously, but autonomously. By addressing the specific factors that makeup each parish’s vulnerability and implementing proactive education campaigns that focus on action instead of reaction we have been improving the recovery capacity.  This largely and in time has an affect on the ecological and economical footprint of disasters in the future. By promoting community ownership the campaigns become a sustainable action to reduce or eliminate long-term risk to human life and property.
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Disaster Case Management & Client Advocacy
When disasters make it impossible to recover, TRAC finds a way…everyday

TRAC approaches case management comprehensively and holistically, recognizing that the recovery process impacts each client uniquely. Case Managers conduct extensive, in-depth assessments in order to respond appropriately, effectively, efficiently, and holistically to the needs of their clients; this model allows for ongoing assessment and continuous need identification, thereby responding proactively to the evolving needs of clients, while simultaneously reducing service duplication and maximizing service utilization.
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Resource Development
Collaboration to maximize the success of clients, programs, and services 

In accepting the reality of living in a coastal area, the question is not IF this community will face another disaster, but rather, WHEN the next disaster will strike.  Responding effectively to provide disaster recovery services is a complex issue; therefore, TRAC collaborates with numerous partners to maximize the success of its clients, programs, and services and to further its commitment to long-term recovery, sustainability, and community-building.
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Believe In Our Bayous
Volunteer-based Response and Reconstruction

TRAC and members of Bayou Area Regional VOAD coordinate volunteer efforts in Terrebonne and Lafourche Parishes after a disaster. Disaster Recovery Volunteers work in all aspects of disaster reconstruction. Work opportunities are available for skilled and not as skilled volunteers ranging from 13-80 years of age.
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LA Lift House
Sustainable Housing Design and Construction

Sustainable Affordable Rural-Coastal Housing Development – In the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina & Rita in November 2005 a unique partnership formed with TRAC, to design sustainable affordable housing for the rural coastal bayou regions of Louisiana.
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Lift Up: Access 4 All
Support for the elderly, disabled, and infirmed to access their elevated homes

Since Hurricanes Katrina & Rita a Sustainable Housing Evolution is taking place in the bayou communities of South Louisiana. Over 1300 homes were either elevated or reconstructed at an average elevation height of 12-14ft. But for those handicapped, infirmed, and aging residents getting in or out of their elevated homes without an elevator is impossible.
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